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Proud to be me

Does Your Program Need Funding?

Proud To Be Me (PTBM) raises  funds for projects that support three primary focus areas- community, education and youth.

Our facility offers Equine experiential learning. Team building, empowerment, youth leadership. Come learn with horses. 

Our workshops are about developing confidence, self-esteem, leadership skills, communication, active listening, trust and respect.  Reaching personal and career goals.

You can use these skills to build stronger teams, to reconnect people, to reconnect with yourself.

Who our programs empower. Teams, youth, families, individuals and couples.

Horses are your teacher and the great people at the ranch are there to guide your journey.




About our workshops

We offer Teams, Women,  Youth and Families the power to step forward and experience skill development in a safe space. Developing life skills helps communication, empathy, personal understanding and group dynamics. It helps to create leaders who constantly learn and challenge themselves.

We offer Team Building, Leadership, Family Herd, Womens empowerment, Couples Night and Summer Leadership Camp.

Our workshops are about finding your voice, finding your strength, finding your teams unity.


Horses are incapable of judgment, they do react instantly to your change of mood, your moment of wonder, fear, delight. What a unique thought; to go to a place where judgment does not exist, and we can just be ourselves! They don't care about our clothes, weight, spiritual or political beliefs, or from where we've come.  They only care about helping you to be the best version of YOU that you can be. You are unique!  A horse as a teacher allows you to find authentic parts of your being and apply them to your life. Horses read us and feel our energy; therefore, being authentic with them is crucial to making them feel safe. They, in turn, will be honest with you. They are herd animals, and their constant concern is safety as they are vulnerable. They do that through trust and communication with their herd. When they feel safe and are approached with authenticity (no confusion within) and with a vulnerable self, they will help to get you on the path of knowing yourself.

Your teachers are four-legged beings who greet you without judgment, without concern for your herstory or history, and without preconceived ideas of who you are or should be.  They will guide you to self-knowledge, stillness and strength that will change your life permanently. 



"My 10 year old son and I had a really great experience with Jennifer doing some Equine Assisted Learning. It was wonderful to see my son work calmly and attentively with the horses. We really needed to communicate and work together to get through the challenges that Jennifer set out for us. We look forward to returning and continuing to work on our skills together." - Natalie P.

“Bringing my team to Wind Over Meadows was amazing.  We had tried more traditional team building workshops. I found people were not overly excited about the events of the past but saw it as a day off.  This time they went with feet dragging but once there it all changed.  We met JP and the horses, got the low down on what challenges faced us for the day and then began.  The end wrapped up with a discussion on what hurdles we faced how we overcame them and what that meant to us as a group. I left realizing that sometimes I have unclear expectations, my team does an amazing job of deciphering my intent. That will now change. Horses are amazing teachers and the facilitator was pretty great as well.  Highly recommend this skills development program.“ ~ Edward P. 

DISCLAIMER: Wind Over Meadows is certified with the internationally recognized organization, Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning, Inc. Equine Connection certifies facilitators world wide in our unique BuildingBlock(TM) program. You will see Equine Connection instructors in our videos provided. These are to give you a representation of what our programs have to offer! Equine Assisted Learning Facilitators are not licensed therapists, counsellors, or medical professionals. If you feel that you may need medical advice, please consult a qualified health care professional. Thank you for taking the time to consider Wind Over Meadows, we look forward to meeting with you. 

DISCLAIMER: Participation in equine-assisted learning activities carries a certain amount of risk, as horses, being a prey animal, can sometimes be unpredictable. Users of this information assume the risk of injury resulting from any of the advice given. Equine Assisted Learning Facilitators are not licensed therapists, counsellors, or medical professionals. If you feel that you may need medical advice, please consult a qualified health care professional.

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