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Developing Life Skills


Misfit Cowgirls Ranch offers experiential assisted learning with horses (EAL).

Our programs are for everyone, the name of our ranch is Misfit Cowgirls because it is two cowgirls that run it. 

We offer people the space to experience personal empowerment and develop life skills. This is accomplished through our unique workshops with our horses and our facilitators. Our clients explore their challenges and goals while working along side horses. Our horses and facilitators help you facilitate positive change, improve leadership skills, empower and create stronger individuals and teams.


Our workshops include; team building, horses helping humans, couples, families, youth and individual empowerment.

No horse experience is necessary all our programs are on the ground. 

Our workshops include confidence building, mindfulness, teamwork and leadership skills, empathy, active listening, body language, stress reduction and focus.

JP Nikitin


Participants benefit through

Physical well being, Confidence, Leadership and Assurance, Judgement, Boundary Setting, Self-esteem, Perception and Emotion, Communication and developing healthy relationships

Grants and Programs we are associated with for youth, schools and organizations.

Canadian Tire Jump Start

Proud to be me (grants open in September, close in October)

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This is our dream. 

We want our love of and for horses to inspire you, to change your world as they have changed ours.

Why name ourselves Misfit Cowgirls.  

Misfit is a person whose behaviour or attitude sets them apart from others in an uncomfortably conspicuous way.

We don't want to make you feel uncomfortable but we do want you to step outside yourself and let our horses help you to find the you that only you know. Giving you the power to let that person shine

Misfit Cowgirl,

Misfit Cowboy,

Misfit Wrangler

J.P. Nikitin

Facilitator and Horsemanship Instructor

Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator

I am fortunate enough to have spent my life with horses. I have tried on many outfits, designer, artist, program facilitator, youth programs and they have all led me back to horses. It is an absolute honour to be part of a person's journey where our horses and programs help someone in such a wonderful way. 

EAL Certification/Sociology /

Fine Art / Western levels

Wyn Echo


Extreme Cowboy Competitor

Horse Trainer in Training, Horse Exerciser, Barn Manager, Western Level 

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Our programs are for teams, families, individuals and youth.



"My 10 year old son and I had a really great experience with Jennifer doing some Equine Assisted Learning. It was wonderful to see my son work calmly and attentively with the horses. We really needed to communicate and work together to get through the challenges that Jennifer set out for us. We look forward to returning and continuing to work on our skills together." - Natalie P.

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