Who are the

Misfit Cowgirls?

This is our dream.

We want our love of and for horses to inspire you, to change your world as they have changed ours.

Why name ourselves Misfit Cowgirls.  

Misfit is a person whose behaviour or attitude sets them apart from others in an uncomfortably conspicuous way.

We don't want to make you feel uncomfortable but we do want you to step outside yourself and let our horses help you to find the you that only you know and then to let that person shine

Misfit Cowgirl, Misfit Cowboy, Misfit Wrangler


J.P. Nikitin

Facilitator and Horsemanship Instructor

Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator

I am fortunate enough to have spent my life with horses. I have tried on many outfits, designer, artist, program facilitator, youth programs and they have all led me back to horses. It is an absolute honour to be part of a person's journey where our horses and programs help someone in such a wonderful way. 

EAL Certification/Sociology /

Fine Art / Western levels

Wyn Echo Nikitin


Extreme Cowboy Competitor

Horse Trainer in Training, Horse Exerciser, Barn Manager, Western Level