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Horses helping humans

Horses are the heart and soul of our program. Equine-assisted learning (EAL) is a way of interacting and communicating with horses that brings change and healing to the person. The process of EAL helps people realize where healing and change need to take place. Horses are highly sensitive to human emotion; their ability to instantly react to the handler's emotion and behavior provides non-judgmental and unbiased feedback to the client.  The relationship that builds as the participant and their horse begin to understand one another and find comfort in their silent communication.

What to expect


EAL is based on self-discovery with a certified facilitator. 


We offer people the power to step forward and experience personal empowerment and develop life skills in a safe space with our horses and our facilitators. 


Our workshops are based on the belief that every client can find their solutions, and our horses and facilitators offer the opportunity to discover those life skills. Our clients explore their challenges and goals using the horses as a medium to bring positive change and understanding. Challenges can be anxiety, self-doubt, stress and or depression. We offer groundwork sessions that include confidence building, mindfulness, teamwork and leadership skills, stress reduction and focus. 


A day at our farm follows a loose schedule which adapts to the participants.


We start each day with an introduction to our horses and a brief history of their backgrounds and how they came to be with us. Each has a unique story and a very independent personality. Clients and horses easily match up, both finding the connection in their backgrounds. The workshop continues with safety, grooming, stable management and learning how to walk and be with the horses. It is at this point that our program becomes more specialized to your group's needs. Participants can work individually to work on personal empowerment or we can work in teams learning to communicate effectively with one another. Many groups will choose both, the first session getting to know their horse and themselves and later sessions working within groups learning to communicate and trust one another. 


The planning of the skills to be developed is essential in the direction the program will flow. We may also make this plan and find that it wains in a different and more productive outcome. 


I look forward to a more in-depth conversation regarding our unique program.

Fee schedule 

Individual day sessions


Minimum of 3 - maximum of 9 people per session

1 day: 2.5 hours

2 days: 1/2 day sessions per person, 2.5 hours sessions or

Full-day session (5 hours with a 1-hour lunch)

Cost per person from $125 to $245+ 



We do offer catered lunches for $25 per person, or a BBQ is available for your use. 

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