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Summer Camp for Teens August 14-18
see camps page. 

Horses hear your heart beat 4' away.

Horses have the ability to calm us, to ground us, they connect to us and us them. This creates a unique and special bond. We work with this ability and allow the horse to teach, to motivate. They teach life skills, leadership and empathy.

A horse seeks leadership and empathy

Building strong skills while working with horses enables youth to be honest and not judged. The facilitators are certified, with years of horse experience, and their main goal is for the youth to have an exceptional experience and build life skills, that they can use when faced with life choices. This program equips youth with strong life skills that will stay with them as this unique learning experience will have a positive effect and a lasting impact

Benefits participants


  • Physical Wellbeing

  • Boundary Setting

  • Confidence

  • Self-Esteem

  • Leadership & Assurance

  • Perception & Emotion 

  • Judgment

  • Communication

  • Developing Healthy Relationship

Herds work as one.

Communication, body language, silent communication, empathy, trust, respect and cooperation. These tools are what keep a herd safe. Our workshops are about building life skills and leadership skills through the power of the horse. We work as a team, partnering with a horse and a peer. We meet challenges through obstacles and working as a herd, always paralleling our experience with our horse with life. 


Bullying is a painful subject which needs to be addressed. We, as a society need to prepare and educate our young people not to become victims or aggressors and to understand the repercussions of their actions. Our youth curriculum programs can be a one day workshop or range between 4-8 sessions at 1 session per week. Participants receive a personal journal which allows the effectiveness of the course but also to track the advancements of each youth.

Grants available for our program

We are associated with Proud to be me, an incredible organization who is currently offering grants to help youth please visit their web site at to learn more about them. Their grants are open from September 15 to Oct 6, 2022

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