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Its a little windy, wouldn't you say?

Welcome to Canada, whats a little snow without 70km hour wind gusts and freezing rain.

I know what you are thinking, its Canada the weather will change in 20 min...well its been 3120 minutes and its only getting worse. I suppose it can not get better until it gets worse.

Four trips to the barn, rotating 7 horses between two fields. Mucking, watering, haying, schlepping hay from the hay barn to the horse barn, hoses, warming water, shoveling snow and yes then exhaustion. To be honest I have not slept this well in months. The amount of energy expelled is good for, well everything.

The horses, that's what this is all about the horses and what they can teach us.

So lesson by horse for today. Live in the now. Horses live in the now, they are keenly aware of their surroundings, the wind blows they play in it, the snow is crisp they roll in it. I am not saying you should get in there and roll in the snow, but why the hell not.

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