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Team Building

Corporate Workshops

Teams of 2-9 or of 9-12 people per session

Choose between one workshop or a series 4-6 sessions

Workshops are 2 hours per session

Please contact us for prices, price is based on number of people and type of program. 

Team Building

Develop leadership skills for effective teamwork through the silent communication of the horses.

The use of horses greatly increases the retention of knowledge and creates memories. This unique experience will leave its mark on your employees and peers and will remain an unforgettable reference.

Our facilitators and horses work to unite, reconnect and develop life skills that are so important to our everyday working life.

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Hands-on, Outdoors, Fun

Your learning experience is paralleled back to everyday life at the office. All our programs are designed to enhance and teach life skills, leadership styles and interpersonal skills. We do this through obstacles and discussions with your team made of a horse and colleagues.

Irrefutable Results

A fun day that provides strong skills for your team! All programs are customized to fit your team and ensure you are getting the specific results that you want and need! Improve Camaraderie, Teamwork and enforce your company vision.

Collaborative vs. Competitive

We do not work people against each other, we ask them to all work together to get results. If you can understand how to communicate with one another effectively, your team can be unstoppable!

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Why Horses

  • Horses can hear your heart beat 4' away, they also read your body language and react.

  • Horses do not care if you are the CEO or customer service, they just see you as you are. They do not judge.

  • Horses pick up on contradictory information between actions and intentions. A collegue may not be able to tell you something, the horse will.

  • They… do not care about office politics, therefore they will highlight inconsistency instantly and honestly.

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Call us to discuss your objectives. We will build your workshop to meet your needs.

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